Point of Sale

Standing out among a crowded retail space against hundreds of other brands and products can be a daunting task to overcome. Utilising Stryker Medias many digital signage solutions and point of sale signage options you can be sure your brand will stand out and be noticed by consumers


expose your brand

From die cut foam core to translucent light boxes, posters, counter cards, pull up banners and direct to print substrates, our point of sale print  and signage methods we will ensure you look better than the rest by exposing your brand through unique point of sale signage solutions and techniques, helping you to achieve heightened public awareness – meaning more customers for you.

Point of Sale Products are an effective advertising tool. When well designed and thought-out, they attract consumer attention and effortlessly promote your brand. Being both appealing and informative, POS products stimulate potential customers to invest in your goods and services.


save time + money

Using durable surfaces and materials such as wooden and acrylic stand displays Stryker Media’s Point of Sale products ensure longevity and reliability – saving time and money.

Designed in full colour and digitally printed, we transform the simplest image into an eye catching visual display that is impossible for customers to ignore.


create something unique

If you want something that is unique, try our customised surfboards. As can be seen from our previous work with retail giants such as Quicksilver, light weight decal paper offers an unlimited range of colours outside the CMYK boundaries. Alternatively, our silk prints provide greater vibrancy in colour and a visual impact that needs to be seen to be believed.