CNC Routering & Laser Cutting

Impressive 2D and 3D works of art, made from almost any material. Being wood, plastic or metal we have the machines to cut your design. You think it, draw it and we can make it. If you’re not sure, then make life easy and talk to our design team.


cutting-edge technology

Gone are the days of the saw. At Stryker we have the latest state of the art CNC routering machinery that offers a diverse range of laser services. Wether its intricate jobs that demand fine detail, or large format commercial projects, laser printing is amazingly precise.



Unlike many of our competitors, Stryker have the facilities to cut through a variety of surfaces such as metal, wood and plastics. Our state of the art machinery ensures accuracy and clean edges and are extremely efficient.



3D laser etching combines digital printing with laser technology to allow for engravings on flat plate materials. It can be used in conjunction with laser cutting process to customise your look.